Thursday, June 30, 2016

Even more songs

Songs are now added up to

Click there and use the previous buttons, or go to the newest composers at 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lyrics are updated

The lyrics page now is updated with the current added songs. More to come very soon. 

Monday, June 20, 2016


Right now, we are in the process of adding more lyrics to the site.

A year ago, the site had about 2,500 lyrics, all added by hand, most the contributions of Mr.Ragde. His exhaustive store has since been added further to the site - and we are now at over 10,000 songs. You won't yet see these on the lyrics page, but they will be there soon, as this is an ongoing process of adding, verifying, and then updating the lists. We also want to make sure the links to raga and composer are working when we do so.

We are going by composer, so you can reliably go to each composer's page at http:///'s.shtml and see the list of songs there. We'll be adding more composers as we can, then updating the lyrics list periodically.

Looking for a composer that's not there? Leave a comment.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Karnatik blog - intro

This is's first blog entry. We decided to start a blog because there is always something going on the background, which readers might like to know about. People are often asking me how I do this, the rationale, what's next, and more.

So, his space will be a place to explore this. Please post comments and thoughts and requests!

I'll start with a little about how the site runs right now - until recently, all new files and content were posted by me, handwritten in HTML, but primarily contributed by others.

Lakshman Ragde, a mainstay in the online carnatic world, approached me 21 years ago to post lyrics to Tyagaraja kritis when I had only 100 kritis culled from my dad's library and those I had learned from various teachers.

Since then, my father has created cartoons, my (late) grandmother and mother added meanings, my husband helped with logistics and childcare, my father-in-law and his friends added lyrics and other content, teachers provided resources, visitors sent in lyrics and audio and articles and corrected songs. Lakshman Uncle continued (and continues) to send lyrics and raga and other information, storehouse of carnatic data that he is, and we have plugged along for many years, still in manual, analog mode in a digital age, with all the web-side work done by me late at night.

We are finally entering the modern world - karnatik has an active Facebook page, our friends in India at Meliosystems made an app for Tyagaraja kritis, our friends Usha and Sridhar are automating lyrics uploads and parsing and making a database, allowing us to have nearly 10,000 songs just this year when for the last 20 we had only gotten to 2500.

We're looking for other ways to move forward without losing the essential character of - a site that is not a "dot com" at all, but a cooperative, collaborative effort that creates something worthwhile and fluid, an arena for carnatic music information, appreciation, learning, but perhaps most importantly, fun that is accessible to everyone everywhere.

- rani